Welcome to our January 2017 Officer Trainees

Our latest intake of MEF Officer Trainees did os proud at our induction course run in conjunction with the Outward Bound Trust in Eskdale last week.

The MEF aims for its trainees to receive an exemplary training programme and experience and the Outward Bound induction course for September 2015’s intake is just one of many value added activities that MEF trainees will have the opportunity of participating in over the course of their training.



Kathryn Neilson, Kathryn Neilson, Compliance and Marine Admin Manager, Royal Caribbean International and MEF Chair  said, “It was fantastic to be able to experience at first hand how the outward bound event is able to instil the behaviours and values that will be key to these young people in their chosen career at sea including self awareness, teamwork, communication skills, self management and planning. It made me proud to be associated with the MEF and it’s values in promoting a gold standard of training for future maritime professionals.”

Kate Gillespie MEF Strategy Manager said, “I cannot over emphasis the value of an effective induction programme. This is the 8th induction course we have run with the Outward Bound Trust, and they just keep getting better and better. This time we bought 18 cadets, managed by V.Ships (IOM) Limited, Chiltern Maritime Ltd, Clyde Marine Training, and SSTG to Eskdale, Cumbria for our four-day induction course. As well as embedding the MEF’s core values of Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness we also use the course to instigate a peer support network that the trainees can contribute to and access throughout their careers.

“Working with the Outward Bound Trust on the creation and delivery of this course has really added value to our MEF cadet’s training experience. One of the key outcomes we have has been that the retention and success of trainees has improved markedly. We have found that the cadets are more prepared for a life at college and at sea with an improved self-awareness and since of personal responsibility.”

“Each activity on the course starts with an open brief to the trainees, ‘this is the activity, what do you need to complete it?’ The trainees had to work together, communicate and learn to ask questions of themselves, each other and the OBT staff in order to complete the tasks. 100% of MEF cadets who have attended the course feel that the programme has equipped them with the skills to make a positive difference to their work.”

Glenys Jackson, MEF Director and Head of the MNTB said “The induction course gives us the opportunity to bring all the MEF trainees together to get an understanding of the MEF’s course values:- to help cadets understand the value of respect in themselves and others; to help the cadets become aware that they are responsible for their future successes and failures; to develop the resourcefulness of the cadets.”

The cadets leave the course not only with a deeper understanding of a career at sea but with a support network of their peers. Neil MacMillan an 18-year-old engineering cadet managed by chiltern maritime Ltd  and due to start at City of Glasgow College said, “It really put my mind at rest, getting to meet some of the people I would be at college with. The activities were great fun, but they really challenged us too, not just our skills, but our perceptions of ourselves and how we worked with other. I’m sure the things I learned about myself and about life at sea will help me at college and when I join my first ship.”

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