Officer Training

Sponsored Officer Trainees

Each Year the MEF aims to sponsor 45 – 90 officer trainees. These trainees will be recruited and managed by our chosen contracted training providers, with their training directed by the MEF Officer Training MEF Officer Training Good Practice Guidelines.

For more information on Officer careers in the Merchant Navy, including information on how to apply for sponsorship, please go to Careers at Sea.

To apply for an MEF sponsored cadetship please apply to any, or all, of our current Training Providers listed below. Please make sure you use their designated MEF application form where available, or make your preference to be sponsored by the MEF clear.

UK Chamber of Shipping Documentary on UK Merchant Navy Training and Skills


Bursaries and Grant Funding for Officer Career Development

The MEF provides various officer development opportunities at the discretion of the Trustees, including;

This may include:
  • bursaries to shipping companies to provide a period of post qualification sea time;
  • grant funding support to unemployed officers, to update their skills and/or revalidate specific certification requirements to increase their employability potential through defined training.

For more information on grant funding to unemployed officers, and to download an application form, please click here.

Post Qualification Sea Time

Shipping companies wanting more information on bursaries to provide a period of post qualification sea time for newly qualified MEF officer trainees, and for an application form, please click here. Please note, this section of the MEF strategy is currently under review.

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