To be eligible for funding, seafarers must be unemployed at the start of the course and remain so during the course of training.

  • a UK national or a national of a Member State of the European Economic Area the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man;
  • ordinarily resident in England/Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland (support under MEF funding will not be paid in respect of overseas nationals who are subject to employment restrictions and/or a time limit on their stay).  ‘Ordinarily resident’ could be demonstrated by being resident in the UK for about a year at the time of original application with the intention of remaining so for the foreseeable future, or less than that period if owning a property or having close family ties in the UK; and,
  • proficient in spoken and written English and must state an intention to be ordinarily resident in the UK following completion of their training.
  • The MEF expects that seafarers applying for funding have been unemployed for a minimum of three months before submitting an application form.

Note: – In order to provide evidence of residency, all individual applicants should forward a copy of their Passport or Discharge Book with their application forms.

HELM, ECDIS and High Voltage training

These courses are not supported by the MEF. Funding may be available through the Merchant Navy Training Provider.

Please contact Donna Stevens for more information.

Please note that all funding is at the discretion of Trustees of the Maritime Educational Foundation, and funding may be withdrawn or become unavailable depending on the level of applications.


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